Your final assignment today is to work with layouts and includes in order to improve the look and feel of your published conference notes. I’m only going to give you the core necessary steps, unleash your creativity and explore options for your style.

Define a new layout

Open up the _layouts directory .

Step 1. Copy the posts layouts to create a new layout.

cp post.html collection-post.html

Step 2. Reuse the html scaffolding

layout: default

Layouts can be nested, so often you have a default to handle the basic html structure, that then delegates to specific types of layout.

Step 3. Update your front matter defaults to use your new layout

Step 4. Restart Jekyll

Explore And Design Your Perfect Layout

Ideas to get you started.

Add a Track under the post title

<strong>Track:</strong> {{page.track}}
track: Other Tech

Get “Written On” To Show A Date

Replace “Written On” with a list of tags

{% for t in page.tags %}
  <span> {{ t }} </span>
{% endfor %}
Where do you define the tags?

  • Post Front Matter
  • Add A new object "tags"
  • Add values with array syntax

Add Collection Defaults And Track Info

    output: true
    title: Notes from Connect Tech
    description: What I learned at Connect Tech!
Where is this?

_config.yml Working locally? Don't forget to restart!

     {% assign current_collection = site.collections | where: "label", page.collection | first %}
     <h4> {{ current_collection.title }} </h4>
     {{ current_collection.description }}
Why do I have to filter where by first?

The where always returns and array, even of just one item. If you don't also ask for the first item, you'll get weird results. (I did mention that Liquid is verbose!)