Tutorial: Jekyll For Fun!

Blog like a hacker with Jekyll @connect_js @lk_moore

0. Jekyll for fun

Jekyll is a static site generator, built in ruby. It provides an easy to use and configure platform for publishing your own personal website.

It has built in features to support blogs and you can run it out of github using github pages, or any one of a number of other free hosting options.

Best of all, the content is simply plain markdown or html files. Which means no database to get corrupted, and you can migrate your content any time.

This is my getting started guide as presented in 2018 at Connect Tech conference. It is designed to get you up and running with a functional site quickly and then progressively dive into and expand the key concepts for managing your site.

  1. Get Started
  2. Site Level Config
  3. Your First Blog Post
  4. Recap on Jekyll Conventions
  5. Working with Custom Collections
  6. Add a Custom Collection
  7. Define Collection Defaults
  8. Index your Collection
  9. Recap on Collections and Liquid
  10. Defining Your Layouts
  11. Defining Your Includes
  12. Add A Layout for Your Collection
  13. Congratulations!
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